Saturday, May 30, 2009

missing someone~♥

Hanazawa Rui Pictures, Images and Photos

This is the person that i loved..

shun has a very special in my heart first, i saw him in GTO(great teacher onizuka) as "Yoshikawa Noboru" he is about 16 years old... then i saw him again in GOKUSEN w/ natsujun haha~! he is a gangsta-wannabe "Uchiyama Haruhiko" wow~ awesome! so cool and he have s role in HANA YORI DANGO as sensitive guy in F4 "Hanazawa Rui" wow wow suteki na~! he is so cute in this role~ wooooot* ummp! wussshuuu* i want to hear his weekly radio show "All Night Nippon" aha~! one time Jun Matsumoto guest in radio show and jun gave shun his official nickname "Shunkerbell" wow i like it! so stubborn....

i hope you'll enjoy arigato

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