Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harajuku Bridge

Well done make up myself thanks to my mom for helping me..

Here's my outfit.. very simple but for me this is the pretty one!

i will go to Harajuku Bridge because i like to meet many Funky Japanese people here!
and tonight they have Japan Festival here in Harajuku Bridge..
i will watch it with my friends..
i am in the Park while i'm waiting my friends..


posing here.

swing swing ahaha!

ok my friends are here i'm waiting for a long time..

wow they are wearing the uniform..
woot the festival is already start..

ahahaha laugh.laugh.laugh.
the gays are wearing sailor fuku uniform

dance dance dance!
i shout loud..
after the festival i will go home...
and my friens go home tooo!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


hi there!
good morning i already ate my Breakfast
now i am watching TV

woot~ i am still bored to type..

last night i wrote my Diary

woot~ whatever is written in this diary is personal for me

sorry guys..
if my blogskin is broken because my blog have a problem..
but now.... it's already ok..
by the way i have a new Pets
my new rabbit ..
The name of my new rabbit has rabbitto
I like him a lot ..
his color is brown ..
We bought it my friend at the mallthis is my cat ..
Rui is the name ..
simple but a cat he i love it a lot

Sunday, November 8, 2009

new puppies!

hello! how are you?..
i have a New
i love it a a lot
thanks for my Tita Beneth to gave that Cute Puppies ahaha!
I have some photos of my new dogs..

[the White with black color puppy is Yhatz then the brown with white puppy is Bhugie]

the photo is Blurd sorry guys because the puppies are so Stubborn sorry.....
haixx... sometimes if i have a time woooo~ bonding with my new puppies wow~ watta Lovely Puppies that i have! thank GOD and the Lineage of the puppies are called Chow Chow yeah... a kind of Japanese Dogs
woot! i hope you read this entry..
and you like it much!!

it's time to be change

New hair cut again..

sorry... Shy

sorry but i think this new hair
i'm getting uglier promise.. I don't feel it!

I really don't like this hair..
i feel Annoying..
ok.ok.ok i can't do anything here's the hair ee~
and this week i feel Bored because i missed my friend who go to CALIFORNIA..
here's the photo

My BestFriend Debborah

i missed her a lot! because we have no Communication i don't know why..
i hope she missed me also..
by the way..
i will go to school now,
i hope you like this entry..

Thursday, November 5, 2009


woot! i missed my cousin.. i missed her a lot but now..
she will go back to Kanagawa, Japan...
i missed the bonding wow~
here's the photo
[Miho Yamada]

she is very beautiful than me!
look a like of Mari Yaguchi right?
actually, Yagutsan is her idol.. promise!
Take Note!: her Height is 5.4
she is taller than Mari..
very Lovely Cousin of mine! ahahaha!
by the way i will go to sleep now,
so..... i hope you like this post..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


hi there it's been a long time that i can't a diary here
because last time we have a periodical test so i want to study hard!

by the way..
i change my header in my Ameba blog..
here's the photo..

not bad...
i hope you like that..
woot i will go to school i hope you read this entry..
....♥ ♥ ♥

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