Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hana Yori Dango the Movie Plot~

Hana Yori Dango 3:
The Yomikiri, set roughly a year after the series ended, focuses on the continued adventures of Makino Tsukushi and the F4.

The story opens with a very lost Tsukushi in France. She's looking for a specific church, but there are so many around her that she becomes confused. It is then revealed that Tsukushi is late for a ceremony and, in her haste, spots an alley that she thinks might get her there quicker. As usual she is not paying attention and ends up bumping into someone while in the alley. This causes her to fall to the ground and drop her purse, and as she looks up in shock at who she bumped into it cuts to a flashback of three days ago.
Back in Tokyo, Tsukushi is celebrating a new job with Sôjirô, Akira, Kazuya, and Sakurako. During the celebration they discuss the relationship she has with Dômyôji and her college plans. As for the relationship, Tsukushi is far more comfortable with her feelings and is able to talk about them. This is a big improvement from the original series and shows that she has matured. The group also discusses her plans for college. She's decided that, because of her family's situation, college is essentially out of the question especially after this new job. Tsukushi has to make dinner, so she leaves the group to go home. After she leaves Akira, Sôjirô, and Sakurako continue to discuss Tsukushi while Kazuya laments the college years he was going to spend with Tsukushi.

When she gets home she finds her father playing cards with Rui. Tsukushi no longer calls him by his full name and has finally become comfortable with using something as personal as his first name. This is a significant change for Tsukushi because it shows that she no longer sees him as an idol, and instead a regular man. Tsukushi is surprised that he's visiting, but only because Rui's been there so often. Rui has been there so much in fact that he now refers to Tsukushi's father as Papa. She asks Rui if he will be staying for dinner and he says yes. Rui seems happier.

While cooking dinner Tsukushi has some time to reflect upon her relationship with Dômyôji, specifically their correspondence during the last year. Dômyôji had sent her a TV phone, so that's how they communicate, but because of the time difference and their schedules they usually talk during the middle of the night. Rui snaps her out of her reverie by asking about the food she is making. This forces Tsukushi to notice how Rui has always really known when she needed him.

They all watch television during dinner and towards the end a news story about a serial killer stalking the streets of Paris comes up. This triggers something in Rui, who remembers that he has something to give to Tsukushi. Unfortunately for him, this is also when Dômyôji decides to call. When Tsukushi realizes that Dômyôji would be able to see Rui in the background, she pushes him aside while getting closer to the camera and answers the call. The two chat for a bit before Dômyôji gets down to the reason for his call, Shizuka's wedding.

Tsukushi becomes confused because this is the first time she's heard of the wedding. Rui can explain this because, while still in the room for their conversation, he has her invitation. He lets her know that he has it, and steps into view on the camera, which alerts Dômyôji to Rui's presence. Tsukushi turns her attention to Rui, both for her invitation and for further explanation. Dômyôji freaks out about Rui being there while Rui tries to chat with him. In an effort to diffuse the situation Tsukushi pulls the camera away, accidentally unplugging the cord and ending the call. 13.gif.gif

Monday, January 25, 2010

Charm ☆

A show business charm


It seems like these charms are really good

I carry it around with me in my bag every day

To the God of Show Business

I pray this will be another fulfilling year

Thank you very much

m(_ _)m

It's candy


When you hold it like that, it looks like a real bouquet

But if you look from above...

White heart chocolates

It really is cute


Thank you as always, O

m(_ _)m

Apparently it's from a shop called Chocolatier Erica

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i love it

Bath articles and a body oil glitter of SABON

A smell of the vanilla has good muss! ! ! ! ! ! Shiningly


The throb which was nice because I liked SABON

thank you

The container glitter of the glitter to put pretty eye mask and perfume in

The throb .throb .throb .that I use habitually


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Breakfast ☆

Good morning

I got up early today

And for breakfast, I had


Oden from the convenience store


Mochi bag

And wiener roll

I love it



Where am I

I'm way up in the mountains




I'm going to play with the doggies

( ̄∀ ̄)

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