Thursday, July 8, 2010


i have told about ONE PIECE THE MOVIE::Strong World right?
if you scroll your computer you can see it my post
i already watched it last Febuary 1, 2010 and if you don't mind even though i am late to tell about that but i like to share the OST sorry, i am really busy this school days that's why..

Kaze wo Sagashite by: Mari Yaguchi and StrawHat

do you watched the video? i like that song.. well.. the Huge fan of that anime sung that song.. and she is so very happy when the producer request her to sing the OP of ONE PIECE and this video tribute this song for her favorite anime.. then..

as you can see this is the RAW of this song.. the song put it in the anime how awesome! i really like that ahahahaha! well..

i hope you like that! and leave some comments
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