Thursday, November 24, 2011

Paano na Kaya? (MOVIE)

Paano Na Kaya? by the main casts of  
Gerald Anderson 
      Kim Chiu
i'd watch it 2 times because wow i'm so amazed becuase this movie it's about
oh yeah right! and i'm just relating the story a little bit but i'm not her sitwation right now and never..
well, i love it because i'd appreciated the  Scripts and the Scenes..MADE ME CRY
that's what i loved ... and i want to watch it so many times again and again hahaha...
if ever that i missed it.. i'll watch it.. ok ok? hehe
well if you want to watch it and you are going to curious about the story you can watch it on YouTube with ENGLISH SUBS.
IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND TAGALOG (filipino language)  
watch it and you will loved it!
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