Monday, January 13, 2014

REVIEW: Elite Contact Lens: KPOP Dolly BLACK :)

This is my very first review.. I bought this lens yesterday and i think i will love it..

The solution i bought it last December 2013 it is so very comfortable as you can see NO RUB at all everytime you'll use your lens/es and has a free case.

it is 16mm diameter with 20mm effect so i will put it in my eyes... I don't edit my photos i want to be a natural :) pardon.





as you can see it is so big for my eye because as i said before it is 20mm effect and Super Dolly Eye.

ENLARGEMENT: 5/5 (big eye, super dolly it is good if you want a dolly effect)
COMFORT: 5/5 (it is so very comfortable, very soft and easy to wear)
COLOR: 4/5 (it depends on the lights surrounds you)

OVERALL: 4-5/5 (i don't have any negative comments because it is good lens/es for daily wear.

WANNA BUY ONE? Kindly PM me for availability.

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