Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Unemployed Pinoys (Online Work)

I'm starting this online work/online job right now. So this is my DASHBOARD.

this is not a SCAM most of us, thought that most of the online jobs are scam but this is totally legit. They have a DTI permit. They have https (means that the website is secured). This is the real data encoding online. You have a task every two weeks. You can earn 300 per day maximum 2,100 per week most of the full time encoders here can achieve that maximum income. For me it's an only a sideline because i'm a student. I Like it because you can handle the time. it's up to you when you will do your 2 weeks task. But you need to submitted on time. DON'T BE LATE. don't waste this opportunity. Everyone can join but how?
1. Basic Knowledge on MS Excel/Word and Online Surfing
2. Age 15-45 y/o
3. Must be residing in the Philippines
4. LBC or Palawan Express Padala near you (so you can get your money easily)
5. Internet Connection
for more details, visit http://www.unemployedpinoys.com
So if you are qualified you are free to join. But before you are successfully registered you need to pay P350 for your dashboard and you have a referrer so you can use my ID for completion and after that, You are now free to work on your own schedule :)
Here's my ID:
Name: Keala Luayon
ID#: MI201407-0042

I will post if there's a news from my account like CASH OUT/S.
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