Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review: IMARI Seduction Set by Avon


"A hypnothic scent of luscious plum and purple orchid with tantalizing hints of warm vanilla, amber and musk"

TO USE: Hold bottle 15-20cm away. Press button quickly and completely. Spray lavishly.

For me, nice packaging, the bottle and the box, ML and SIZE of the bottle is not what i expected actually but i think it can use for long-lasting it depends how i will use it of course..
It has a very nice scent for me. Sexy and i feel like i'm super sossy.. Well i'm just wondering why the fragrance quickly fading like i'm on the way, go to school, and after that i feel the scent is faded so i need to spray again but not all over my body because aside from it is EAU DE TOILETTE (also known as expensive fragrance) so of course i don't waste it.
I'm so contented about the scent because it is girly scent and sexy. After every spray the scent can spread all over my room that's why i like it much. I will only using it on my neck and my pulse. Use daily.

TO USE: Apply lavishly all over your body and experience the smooth silky finish

It's so nice because after you applied it you've feel so soft and very smooth skin. (as you can see the skin softener ) the scent so very nice and long-lasting. (same scent to the EDT) but this is very good. I'm not using it daily because this is my optional only. I am satisfied with this skin softener double thumbs up!

"Your favorite fragrance now in a silky moisture lotion. A hypnotic scent of luscious plum and purple orchid with tantalizing hints of warm vanilla, amber, and musk"

TO USE: Apply generous amount to hands and body and rub until absorbed by the skin. For best results, use daily.

I'm slightly like this lotion, it's not whitening lotion but a fragrant lotion. i will apply it after every bath and while i'm spreading it on my body i'll smell the fragrance and it so smooth if you will apply this daily the fragrance will stay to your body. even though the scent easily remove but the smoothness will be stay. if you are satisfied to your skin tone and it's okay to not use any whitening lotion try this! but if you want to continue you can use this as a alternative lotion after every bath every night or it's up to you how you will use this.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Income (Online Work)

My Last week income from Unemployed Pinoys.
i know it's not that big income but i'm so thankful because this is my additional allowance.
and i'm just enjoying the tasks there. i'm kinda busy (student problem) that's why i can't do the task/s more.
I love it. I'm so thankful, Thanks Unemployed Pinoys.
You're so Legit ♥
so guys, come and join us! we are still need more encoders at home.
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